Our Early Ancestors
The term "Ancestors" may not appropriate here because we do not know if there is a direct relationship to these early settlers in the New World.  to the modern day families.  They are presented here in the hopes a connection can be made some day to these, or other early arrivals.
                                                         San Miguels in New Spain

Fernando San Miguel – from Ledesma, Salamanca, Spain.  Came with Columbus in 1493 on the second voyage to Santo Domingo.  He lived there until 1530.  He was a Captain.  He was the brother of Francisco and uncle to Anton San Miguel.  He was also related to Alfonso San Miguel. 
Fernando was sent to intermediate with a rebellious Indian cacique (chieftain) named Enrique who had rebelled after his wife was assaulted by a Spaniard.  Enrique would not meet with him because he thought there was deceit involved.  He escaped to an island in the center of a lake that bears his name to this day.
Francisco San Miguel – from Ledesma, Salamanca, Spain.  Arrived with Columbus in 1493 and lived in Santo Domingo.  Married to Juana Fernandez.  Had a son Anton San Miguel.  Was brother to Fernando, and was also related to Alfonso San Miguel.

Anton San Miguel – from Ledesma, Salamanca, Spain. Son of Francisco San Miguel and Juana Fernandez.  Nephew of Fernando San Miguel.  Married to Catalina Fernandez (of Vega, Santo Domingo).
He was in Santo Domingo in 1513 and lived with Catalina Fernandez in 1537.  He was hidalgo and captain in 1543.

Alfonso San Miguel – Came to Santo Domingo in 1508.  Related to Fernando and Francisco San Miguel.  Regidore at Port Real(?), Santo Domingo in 1514.

Martin Rodriguez San Miguel – Son of a citizen of Santo Domingo (Francisco San Miguel and Elena de Paz).  Was in Santo Domingo in 1513.  It is not known whether this Francisco is the same as the father of Anton. 

Diego Nunez San Miguel – from Gibraleon, Huelva, Spain.  Lived in Cuba in 1519.  Was with Juan Burgos in Mexico in 1520.  Was a citizen of Tepeaca and Mexico City in 1547.  Son of Nunez San Miguel and Juana Fernandez la Picona.

Melchor San Miguel – from Valladolid, Vallodolid, Spain.  Was with  Melchor de Castro in Indies in 1514.  Was in Cuba in 1519.  Came with Porfilio Narvaez to Mexico to capture  Cortez.  Cortez defeated Narvaez, and Narvaez’s men eagerly joined Cortez and helped him conquer Mexico. Melchor was with Cortez when he conquered Mexico, and accompanied him to Panuco and Honduras when those areas were conquered.  He was an aide to Cortez.  He was a founder and citizen of Oaxaca and had an encomienda there (see more below).  He was still in Oaxaca in 1554.  He was the son of Hernando San Miguel of Portillo, Spain, and Catalina Velasquez, of Ledesma, Spain.

The above was taken from Indice geobiografico de mas de 56 mil pobladores de la America hispanica I. 1493-1519, Peter Boyd-Bowman. Melchor San Miguel has additional information added to the above passage.  Following is more detailed information from another source.

                                                               Melchor San Miguel

From:  The Encomenderos of New Spain 1521-1555, Robert Himmerich y Valencia, UT Press, 1991, p. 240-#427

Melchor de San Miguel – Hidalgo
Conqueror – Narvaez
From:  Valladolid
Parents: Hernando de San Miguel of Portillo y Catalina Velasquez of Ledesma

San Miguel arrived in the Indies ca. 1514, was in Cuba in 1519, and then became a member of the 1520 Narvaez entrada.  For a while he was a member of Cortez’ personal staff, performing duties as a butler or aide-de-camp (repostero).  San Miguel was initially a vecino of Mexico City, receiving a lot there in 1524.  Later he was a founding vecino of Antiquera, where he maintained his casa poblada.  He was assigned the encomiendas of Tequecistepec (90 miles northwest of Antequera); two barrios and three estancias and Nanalcatapec (25 miles northwest of Antequera).  San Miguel married Maria de Godoy and had one son who succeeded him ca 1560.  Shortly thereafter Maria was listed as encomendera.  All tributes reverted to the crown after she died in early 1587.

Tequixtepec still exists today and bears the name San Miguel Tequixtepec.  It is located in Oaxaca in south-western Mexico. The municipality covers an area of 146.72 km². It is part of the Coixtlahuaca district in the Mixteca Region. As of 2005, the municipality had a total population of 964.

                                                  Diego de San Miguel
                                                            B. 1540

Diego San Miguel was one of the original founders of Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico.  From:  Historia Del Nuevo Reino de León, p. 265:  “Diego de San Miguel uno de los más antguos vecinos de Saltillo.  En 1604 vivian en ese lugar Diego de San Miguel el Viejo y Diego de San Miguel el Mezo con la circunstancia de que los dos aparecen como solteros. ¿Serja viudo el primera o el Segundo bastardo¿

From the San Miguel family standpoint, Diego could be an important figure.  It is possible that the family could be descended from his line. Francisco Xavier San Miguel, living in Lampazos de Naranjo, Nuevo Leon, is the earliest ancestor we’ve been able to trace back thus far.  Some interesting information has been found recently that could connect the two. But so far it’s been elusive. 

Living in Lampazos at the same time of Francisco Xavier San Miguel was Juan San Miguel de Lara who was christened in 1720, in Monclova, Mexico.  This is close to the time that Francisco would have been born since his first child was born in 1747.  Juan married Maria Guadalupe Tijerina (Tixerina) de Hoyos in 1755.  In 1756 they had a son they named Francisco Xavier Ramon.  Naming children after close relatives was a common practice.  Ramon was the name of her father.

This raises the possibility that Juan and Francisco Xavier may be related, perhaps even brothers.  If this connection can be made, then the San Miguel line can be traced to Diego San Miguel who was born around 1540 (Mil Familias de Tam., - N. Leon, Coah. Y Texas)
According to this source the line from Juan San Miguel De Lara is:
Juan San Miguel De Lara was born in October of 1720 in Lampazos de Naranjo and lived on 6 January 1765 with Dona Maria Guadalupe Tijerina de Hoyos.
Juan San Miguel De la Garza lived in Monclova with Juana de Lara on 4 December 1719
Nicolas San Miguel lived in Monterrey with Josefa de la Garza Solis on 14 July 1674
Dona Juana de San Miguel (no husband mentioned)
Francisco De San Miguel, son of Diego San Miguel de la Cerda que nacio en 1650 y d Dona                  Augustina de Aguilar.  He was in born in 1600 in Zacatecaz. He married Francisca Maria de Cisneros
Diego San Miguel de la Cerda lived with Augustina de Aguilar in Saltillo in 1604.
Diego San Miguel el Viejo was one of the founders of Saltillo and lived there in 1604 with Maria de la               Cerda.  He was born in 1540.

The information about the San Miguel family's lineage is confusing in this section of the book and needs to be studied more. This book is the source where Pablo San Miguel and Rosalia Garcia Guerra are shown as living in 1823  when they were married and mentions that Pablo was originally from Santa Rosa.